My name is Marisa and I'm a 27 year-old portuguese girl who recently moved to Manchester in the United Kingdom. Graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design and with an almost finished post-graduation in Fashion Communication Design, I created My Wandering Days in order to express myself in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty area. Sometimes I find it rather difficult finding time to devote myself to something I've been loving since I was a 18 year-old newbie college kid - blogging. But I do want to change that and, with my moving away to another country, this seems like the perfect opportunity to do it so. I always struggle with the "oversharing" theme but since this is my space, my blog, my creation, I'll try to destroy this barrier that I've been creating around me. I do suffer from depression - as many do - and with this blog I hope to find a meaning, to find the strenght to leave my bed, to put on some clothes and to write down and photograph all the things that inspire me. 

My Wandering Days is a space of wonder! A space where I'll share my new life, my new discoveries and my not that new passion for all the things lifestyle related. I hope you like it here and I hope you can get inspired and I wish to do!

You can also follow my tumblr where I daily post fashion inspiration photos with a little description to them: https://mywanderingfashion.tumblr.com/

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